ADI Apicoltura s.r.l.

Project date: July 2017

In 1982 Dario Iacovannelli formed the company and founded ADI Apicoltura (Apiculture Dario Iacovannelli), in the municipality of Tornareccio, where today is the heart of the activity. Artisans of a virtuous path that has led the Abruzzo region to become “honey ground”, the fourth and fifth generation Iacovannelli continue tirelessly to work and study to make Italian organic honey a product of undisputed excellence. The site was built in such a way as to facilitate the future implementation of an e-commerce portal for direct online sale of ADI products.

Limone Garda Sailing

Project date: June 2017

Limone Garda Sailing was born from the experience of a group of friends, sailors and entrepreneurs who, after founded in 1998 the Circle Vela Limone and contributed in 2016 to the birth of North West Garda Sailing, decided to give birth to a new organization looking to Future learning from the past.

Panini Durini

Project date: April 2017

Panini Durini was born in 2011 as a new concept of catering made in Italy able to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market: genuine and tasty, classic and innovative products at the same time. The site presents itself as a modern and clean portal, essential but at the same time complete. The store locator allows the identification of the many stores in the Milan area and provides all the information needed for each store.

ORC European Sportboat 2017

Project date: February 2017

As for the 2016 edition, the site of the European Championship ORC Sportboat 2017 manages regatta registrations, announcements of announcements and regulations regarding the race. The 2017 edition was held in Riga, Latvia, supporting the dual language (English and Latvian) for all content.

Trans Benaco Cruise Race 2016

Project date: May 2016

Scheduled for the first weekend of July, the edition number thirty of Trans Benaco Cruise Race will start from Portese (BS, Italy) and will sail to Limone (BS, Italy). In the website there will be ample space for images set with parallax effects and overlays to improve their appearance. Using lazy loading the content is displayed dynamically, with transition effects.